Don’t Kill It

| March 3, 2017

Since the inception of the motion picture, the horror genre has been a major player in the industry. George Melies introduced his horror short House of the Devil in 1896. Over the last 111 years, every possible idea for horror seems to have been exhausted. The trick is how to breathe life into stories and ideas that have been told countless times over. One way to do so is add the element of a jack-of-all-trades actor who brings panache to whatever he does. That actor is Dolph Lundgren.

Don’t Kill It stars Dolph Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley, a man who has dedicated his entire life to hunting down demons of all sorts. Woodley, after an evening of fornication with a local call girl, sees a news report of the third triple homicide in short succession in the small Mississippi town of Chicory Creek. The audience can tell by the pained expression on Woodley’s face that he knows what is terrorizing this small town, and heads out for the dangerous mission ahead. But Woodley is not alone in his quest for justice.

Enter Federal Agent Evelyn Pierce (Kristina Klebe, Halloween (2007)), who has been sent back to her home town of Chicory Creek to discover the reason behind the disturbing murders. When Agent Pierce arrives at the Chicory Creek police station, she is greeted by a deputy who recognizes her in a creepy, lecherous way. The deputy address’ her as Evil Lynn (foreshadowing, perhaps?), alluding to Pierce’s past. Also of note: Evil Lynn is the name of a character from Masters of the Universe, a toy line from the early 1980’s that produced a popular cartoon series as well as a Cannon produced 1987 live-action feature starring Dolph Lundgren.

Woodley forces himself into a meeting in the sheriff’s office, only to be derided for his farfetched demon theory. After an impassioned speech, both the sheriff and Agent Pierce begin to realize Woodley is no kook. Woodley explains that the demon possesses a body until the flesh is killed. Once death occurs, the demon spirit transfers to the closest living body. The ending is foreshadowed early on in the movie, so I won’t spill the beans here. The story brings to mind the recent horror hit It Follows, with less sex, of course.

Don’t Kill It is an entertaining, gory horror/dark comedy that I recommend to anyone seeking a fun, independent genre piece. The special/gore effects are pretty impressive for the budget given. The acting performances are solid. Especially Lundgren, who knocks this performance out of the park. Lundgren imparts Woodley with a cool calm in the face of danger, as well as a dark comedic sensibility that jives perfectly with his backstory.

Don’t Kill It is currently in select cities, as well as being available OnDemand in various platforms. If you like the idea of a mash up of Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight and The Evil Dead trilogy, check out Don’t Kill It.

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