Fairy Tail: Part Four

| March 24, 2012

Now avialable on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from FUNimation Entertainment

In this section of Fairy Tail, Natsu and his friends in the Fairy Tail Guild must fight an enemy from the inside. The wizards will have to examine what it means to be a part of the guild in more ways then one. There will be hard decisions made and many will dig deep inside of themselves to find any ounce of strength they have left. As a viewer, you will find yourself examining the same things as the Fairy Tail members.

The conflict in this story arc had it’s seeds planted early in the show. This helped to create a sense of danger for the wizards of the Fairy Tail Guild. There is a point in the storyline where you are not sure how they are going to get out of the situation without too many people getting hurt, physically or emotionally. This story arc brings about questions the members of the Fairy Tail Guild will have to examine within themselves. Who can they really trust and in the end is forgiveness something that can be given freely. Throughout the story arc there are small events that lead you to believe there are other story lines being seeded. One of those involves the mysterious guild member who goes by the name of Mystogen. Although we have learned small tidbits about this character, up til now we have not had an real contact with him. There is something that he is hiding, and this has been done purposely from one of the guild members in particular. What does his secret have in store for the members of Fairy Tail?

It is a nice change to have a major story arc both begin and end in one volume. Although the very beginning of the volume is the ending of the previous story arc, the rest of the volume is devoted to the internal struggles of the guild. It creates a satisfying experience when watching Fairy Tail Part Four. In the other volumes, having to wait for the next volume to see what happens can entice you to watch the next part, the change is nice.

Fairy Tail: Part Four comes in a case which contains a reversible character cover. This is a fun extra to the purchase, as it gives you the ability to make the set your own by choosing the cover you prefer. This is by far one of my favorite aspects of these new releases. Other extras in the set are episode commentaries, textless songs, and trailers.

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Amber is an Early Childhood Education Professional in Chicago . She is also a part of an All Female Anime Circle, Kichi Gi. This circle explores anime, manga, and Japanese culture, while also trying to make an impact within the community. Amber is also a great lover of history and has worked hard over the years to study history and all it has to teach us.

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