| November 6, 2015

Home video company Olive Films has been releasing an impressive slate of interesting movies that have fallen by the wayside in the transition between VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray, giving a number of obscure films their first legitimate U.S. release and upgrading a number of others. These have included everything from big-studio comedies to overlooked horror films that bigger companies have been reluctant to give the Blu-ray treatment. One of the latest is Tim Kincaid’s 1987 low-budget sci-fi/horror Breeders, previously released in 2011 on DVD by MGM but now given a new HD transfer for the first time.

A rash of violent sexual assaults has New York police detective Dale Andriotti (Lance Lewman) desperate to find the culprit and end his reign of terror. The only problem is that all of the victims have reported different assailants, despite identical patterns of attack. Doctor Gamble Pace (Teresa Farley) reluctantly teams up with Andriotti as they investigate this strange mystery, which leads them to the abandoned tunnels beneath the city. Time is running out as the insectoid monsters continue their mission, leaving a mounting pile of victims in their wake. What do they want, and will Andriotti and Pace be able to stop them before it’s too late?

Breeders was made at the same time as writer/director Kincaid’s Mutant Hunt. Both films were released on VHS by Wizard Video, a cult imprint that has recently come back into the spotlight thanks to Full Moon Pictures’ recent re-release of a number of Wizard Video titles. Somehow Breeders has ended up in MGM’s hands, but it still feels like a Full Moon/Wizard Video production. There’s a lot of completely gratuitous nudity, some really bad acting, and some obviously cheap but effective gore and makeup effects. The film’s storyline suggests an urban take on Humanoids from the Deep, but Breeders is not quite as ghoulishly exploitative as that film. That said, this is still a movie in which women are raped by a bug-eyed monster, and that makes for some uncomfortable viewing.

When it’s not indulging in alien rape and leering at nude female bodies, Breeders displays an almost impressive lack of interest in filmmaking standards. There are a number of unintentionally humorous moments of awkward editing and/or acting throughout the film, but the finale stands out as a noteworthy example of how not to stage an action-packed climax. For most of the last ten minutes or so of the film, instead of doing anything to stop the impending doom of humanity the lead characters stand around looking bored while the monsters’ plot is explained to them in detail. Luckily Breeders at least never overstays its welcome, clocking in at right around 77 minutes including end credits. This is a fairly typical mid-80s sci-fi/horror that ticks all the boxes for content fans could expect. It’s hardly a lost classic, but horror fans looking for inspired practical effects and pointless T&A will find Breeders fits the bill.

Olive Films released Breeders on Blu-ray on 27 October 2015. The disc boasts a new HD transfer of the film and includes a trailer.

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