Arakawa 2: Under the Bridge x Bridge

| February 29, 2012

Now available in a Premium Edition Blu-ray/DVD combo box set from NIS America.

Arakawa 2: Under the Bridge x Bridge is a wonderfully entertaining, beautiful, quirky follow up to the first season. By now we know most of the characters pretty well, although this season does not only introduce a few new characters but also delve into a couple that were not looked into fully in the first season. This allows the anime to add more quirks then in the first season because we are already aware of the character traits of most of the inhabitants of the Arakawa riverbank.

Although there is no real through line to speak of the main plot of this season is the characters preparing for their trip to Venus. In the meantime, there are love triangles, battle royals, haunted houses, and lots of fish just to name a few of the events that happen on the riverbank. During this season it is obvious that Rec is beginning to accept his life on the riverbank, despite the fact that he tries to fight this all the time. He is also accepting many of the riverbank’s inhabitants as friends, although he still has trouble accepting the credibility of their choices of lifestyles.

The contrast between what Rec deems as ‘normal’ human behavior and the behavior of the residents of the riverbank is still apparent and lends to some great comedic moments. At the same time, Rec is participating in the events of the riverbank more often, and perhaps with some fun, which leads to another kind of comedy. With these two elements combined, not to mention the other character interactions, this anime is full of great laughs.

The four-disc, Premium Edition Blu-ray/DVD of Arakawa 2: Under the Bridge x Bridge comes in an 8″x11″x1″ beautifully simple cardboard cover-box along with a 32-page, full-color, hard cover book. The book contains character profiles along with illustrations of the characters who are introduced in this season. There are new interviews with the main voice actors Hiroshi Kamiya (Rec) and Maaya Sakamoto (Nino), director Akiyuki Shinbo, producer Go Shukuri, original author Hikaru Nakamura, and the series composer Deko Akao.  There is even a small interview regarding the next episode sections with the live action Chief and Hiroshi. Other features throughout the pages are interviews and sections about the opening and ending songs, episode breakdowns, and beautiful full-page character artwork. The special features on the discs include audio commentary for episodes one to four, television spots, end card gallery, and trailers.

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