Posted: 08/31/2009


Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2


by Lauren Sepanski


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It’s rare that I get so excited about a movie that I go to the midnight showing. It’s even more rare that the film I’m seeing is the 10th in a franchise which all of the prior films I Netflixed. I’ve read some of the other reviews of “Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2” and it seems that it wasn’t received very well on it’s opening weekend at all. In fact, the 3-D horror film “Final Destination” that opened along side “H2” ended up with the bigger box office. It’s a little upsetting to me, being a huge Michael Myers and horror fan. (WARNING! There are spoilers in the next paragraph! Skip over it to avoid them.)

“Halloween 2” starts out where Rob Zombie’s first “Halloween” remake left off, just as the original “Halloween 2” did. Laurie Strode, (played by Scout Taylor-Compton, who seems to most as an unknown actress, but really has quite a television resume,) has just escaped Michael Myers and he is assumed dead. She is taken to the hospital where the killer, not yet dead, tracks her down. Unlike the original, this turns out to be just a vivid nightmare, as Laurie has been having these on and off for an entire year. It is now Halloween one year later. We follow Laurie as she tries to convince herself Michael Myers is dead, even though a body was never recovered, and as she discovers that she is Michael Myers sister. The character of Sam Loomis, (Malcolm McDowell,) is hardly seen throughout and is a little tacked onto the end.

It seems as though Rob Zombie is just trying to make these re-makes as gory as possible. He is extremely successful in that, but there is a fine line between a horror film and one of those mutilation horror films, like “Saw” or “The Audition”. The body count is too high to recall, but Myers sure does go on one Hell of a rampage. The story goes deeper into Myers psyche than the original sequel. I’m sure the audience was more turned off by the fact that Zombie was trying to explain what was going on in Myers’ head instead of just making him a mindless killing machine.

A few turn-offs for me included how Michael Myers was grunting and screaming a bit as he hack people to pieces. I don’t know why, but to me the silent, un-feeling Myers is more frightening than the one who is human enough to be physically worn out by stabbing people repeatedly. Also, there is a scene where his mask is torn and you can see a lot of his actual face, this was a turn off for the same reason. In fact, there is a full scene where he murders a man entirely without his mask. Not only can you see Tyler Mane’s face, but also I was under the assumption that Myers can only kill when he’s hiding behind the mask. (It’s explained in the first one, watch it before you see this one or you will be horribly lost.)

Another turn-off was the fact that this Doctor Loomis was a complete douche, not at all like the Donald Pleasents Loomis from the originals. I like it that Loomis is, in many ways, a hero. Loomis is always running around every Halloween night with a gun trying to save Laurie and convince the police to help, the Malcolom McDowell Loomis is just a big-headed jerk who feels like some kind of celebrity who is smarter than everyone who reads his book. (Although I can’t honestly say McDowell’s idea of Sam Loomis isn’t too far from how he acts on a daily basis himself.)
I do have to admit, however, that the film looked beautiful. There are some shots of Michael Myers walking through eerie tall grass and in a forest at night that are reminiscent of the opening credits of “The Shinning”. On that note, Zombie also decided to have date tags following the days leading up to October 31st, much like those in “The Shinning”. (From this moment on I will pray every night that Rob Zombie doesn’t decide to remake that, too!) Now that I’m thinking of other horror movies this one rips off, the very last shot looks almost exactly like the last shot from Hitchcock’s “Psycho”!

So far this review looks kind of bad, but I have to say I really enjoyed “Halloween 2”, though I will have to stay loyal to the original and it’s sequel. I like how Laurie Strode is kind of a bad ass, rocker chick in this one, also the music and the cinematography were great! I was a little upset they didn’t use the Michael Myers/Halloween theme more in the actual film. I think it’s only used over the end credits. I still liked it, Rob Zombie really made it his own, but still did a great job of keeping the fans of the original happy. I know other reviews are upset he didn’t “stay true to the original”, but what did they expect? A shot for shot re-make? That’s no fun at all! And I loved the ending; I don’t care what anyone else says! My opinion is that “Halloween 2” is a great horror movie; it’s scary, gross, and fun to see in the theater. Do keep in mind you have to see the first one before you head out to the theater. As a true fan, it was great!

Lauren Sepanski is an animation connoisseur and film critic living in Los Angeles

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