Interview With Psych’s James Roday and Guest Star Ally Sheedy

| March 10, 2010

It seems like it went far too quickly, but tonight is the season finale of Psych, and as usual, they’re going out with a bang, pun somewhat intended. Ally Sheedy makes her return to the show as Yang, who is now imprisoned in a mental health ward. It seems at first that Yang is up to her old games, but then she suggests to Shawn and Gus that while it’s certainly not her as she’s locked up, it could be Yin, the perfect compliment/opposite to Yang.
Both series star James Roday and Sheedy took part in a conference call recently to talk about the series finale, but anyone who has ever been a part of one of these calls with Roday knows it never stays on subject. Sheedy was fresh off her appearance at the Oscars for the John Hughes tribute. She mentioned it was great to see everyone again, as the only one she keeps up with regularly is Judd Nelson. Sheedy also really enjoyed seeing her old friend Fisher Stevens from Short Circuit win for his documentary, The Cove. For his part, Roday comments about the chance to work with someone with big ties to the 80s, readily admitting he’s a big Sheedy fan and finds it surreal to have the chance to work with her. He also has to admit to truly enjoy the Oscars this season with the tribute to horror films, as well as to John Hughes.
Roday is directing again in this season finale. He admits that with it referencing several Hitchcock films, that he borrowed from those very liberally. Some of the camera shots were taken directly from the films, and he doesn’t seem too ashamed to admit it. He’s a big fan of Hitchcock, and so is the writer who cowrote the episode with him. Their goal was to put as much Hitchcock in as possible. Not that he employed the same directing style, though, as while Hitchcock nearly always stuck to the script, Roday prefers not to be so stringent, and feels lucky if he sticks to a handful of things off the original storyboard.
For her part, Sheedy didn’t find playing such a “menacing character” hard at all, as everything about the show is so nutty, that she doesn’t feel like she has to get too serious finding out what would make such a person tick. Additionally, she really likes working with Roday as a director, as she feels she has more freedom and like anything goes.
Luckily for Yang and Sheedy fans, it doesn’t seem that we’ve seen the last of this character. Both Sheedy and Roday were rather tight-lipped about it after the season finale left it somewhat open-ended, and he just wanted it left as it being safe to say we’re not done with that character just yet. He also admits to wanting to do a trilogy in the way of Psycho since the very beginning, so it sounds like the probable next Yang episode will be the last. Enjoy it tonight knowing you’ll have just one more chance afterwards.

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