Interview with Anya Monzikova

| April 14, 2010

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Russian-born actress/model Anya Monzikova (Surrogates, Deal Or No Deal). She will be appearing in the highly anticipated ‘Iron Man II’, due to hit theaters May 7th.
Film Monthly: Was ‘Deal Or No Deal’ your first major t.v. gig?
Anya Monzikova: It was my first ‘steady’ t.v. job. I’ve had smaller parts in film and other television roles- even commercials, but this was definitely my first time on a hit show.
FM: How did you land the part as the ‘Corporate Face’ in the film ‘Surrogates’?
AM: First, I read for one of the bigger roles- that of Bridget. I thought I was going to get it, and they ended up calling me back again, asking me if I could read for this other character named Lisa. Well, I went in and read for that one. I kept coming back and kept coming back, and I was thinking, “Why are they not casting me? Somebody else must have gotten the part.” Like three months later, the director finally called and said I got the part. Now I was under the assumption it was the second part I had read for- Lisa. When I went into the studio, they told me, “You’re playing the role of beautiful woman”. It happens that the director liked my face enough to create a part for me.
FM: Can you reveal any details about the character you’re playing in Iron Man II?
AM: Not too many without breaching my contract(laughs), but my character’s name is Rebekah and she appears in an important scene with most of the movie’s stars.
FM: How did the chance to work with Scarlett Johansson come about?
AM: Jon Favreau approached me a couple days after being on set and said, “Hey, you speak Russian, right?” I was like, “Sure do”, and then he asked me if I could do some dialect coaching and pronunciation translation. It was really cool for the director to be asking me which takes sounded the best.
FM: How demanding is it studying a martial art like Wushu compared to the demands of acting?
AM: Well, obviously a martial art like Wushu is very physically demanding and puts a big strain on your body- especially your knees and hips. I think it’s designed for shorter people-definitely not for those with long legs like myself. I haven’t practiced in a while though and should probably get back to it. But it takes at least 3-4 days a week of commitment to learn the routines and move up in the levels of difficulty.
FM: I heard you have aspirations of directing and producing in the future. Any particular kind of project you would be interested in being involved with?
AM: Currently, I’m happy just soaking in all the aspects of film making on the projects I’ve been working on. I’ve been learning everything from script writing to producing and everything in between. Someday, I would love to get a script I really like and take the whole movie from start to finish.
FM: Is there anything coming out in the near future that you might be in?
AM: Well, it’s pilot season and there are all kinds of shows I’ve been auditioning for. One is a comedy called, ‘Nat and Olga’, which I will be playing the role of Nat — or Natasha. It’s based on these two beautiful Russian girls who meet in film school, and the troubles and adventures that they get into together trying to break into the film industry, both having the language barrier and heavy accents. The pilot started filming in March and hopefully will be well received by the networks.
See Anya Monzikova in Iron Man II on May 7th

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