Ghost Hunters International, Season 1: Part 1

| June 1, 2010

There are a lot of ghost hunting and paranormal TV series out there right now, and what separates this one form the others is the obvious. It’s Ghost Hunters International. They’re not checking out haunted homes and old buildings around the U.S.; they’re checking out old castles, famous old castles throughout Europe. It’s that interesting little bit that brings a different type of excitement to this series.
Additionally, in this boxed set of the first half of the first season, is the story of how this group started. The International team was a spinoff of Ghost Hunters, a TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team that investigates paranormal activity. They get the call in the beginning of the first episode to go international, and decide to assemble their team from there.
The team goes into some of the most haunted old buildings throughout Europe, such as Frankenstein’s Castle in Germany and Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania. They meet with the caretakers or owners of the property, and learn about the spots that are supposedly haunted. They bring all their equipment in and set up shop at night, determined to witness this for themselves. They work to “debunk” the phenomena that happens, sometimes proving it to be real, and sometimes they neither debunk nor prove it.
This team seems to rely on EVPs more so than the other ghost hunting and paranormal shows out there. These are the electronic voice phenomena, and consist of the members of the team “baiting” the ghosts to come out and play basically. They ask them to come out and show themselves and prove who they are by moving something or making a noise and recording the responses. We rarely hear the responses, but when they play back the audio, or EVPs, later, you can sometimes hear responses to the questions. Usually I can’t decipher thi s as any type of speech, but the team always think they know what words are being spoken.
One thing that stuck out to me was one of the team members carrying a rosary into a chapel that was supposedly haunted. I’d just never seen these shows cross over from paranormal to religion before, and I found it very interesting that while researching the paranormal, she was turning to God to keep her safe. That was Donna La Croix, who also struck me on another occasion. With one other woman on the team, Shannon Sylvia, the imvestigations eventually turned stereotypical with the women getting into a fight. Not that it was physical or that they even exchanged nasty words, but they disagreed with each other’s methods, to the point it was disrupting to the investigation.
Having watched some of the more recent episodes of Ghost Hunters International, ones from the second season, it’s interesting to see how the series has evolved to what it is now. Personnel of the team has come and gone, but the core of Robb Demarest and the Irish Barry Fitzgerald are still there. Read my interview with Barry and Dustin Pari from earlier this year.
Ghost Hunters International, Season 1: Part 1 is available on DVD starting June 1.

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