Good Fight Films Launches

| April 9, 2003

51.50 is all of 10 minutes in length. But it features a nice twist on the buddy/action film, some top notch cinematography, and good performances from some actors you probably recognize but who aren’t “household names.” I found it reminiscent of Memento and Point Blank, both classics of the crime film/noir genre.
The film, written/directed by Nick James and produced by Rocky Gallagher, stars James, Danny Trejo (Spy Kids 1 & 2, Con Air, Heat and Desperado), Jason Wee Man Acuna (MTV’s Jackass), and Skip Englom (Dogtown and Z-boys), Louie Mayorga (formerly from the punk band Suicidal Tendencies), Jay Fiondella (Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3, 4), and Solo Scott (Mystery Men).
Good Fight Films is Rocky Gallagher and Nick James. Their explanation for the name of their upstart film company is this: “Life is about the journey and battle of perseverance which parlays into filmmaking.” This short feature serves as an introduction to some of their upcoming projects for film and television. An ambitious bunch, they are currently working on a feature titled Winnebago, which will also star Trejo. They describe Winnebago as a film noir about the surfing scene in L.A. and Baja.
Due to the length of 51.50, you probably won’t be catching it at the local multi-google-plex anytime soon. But it should turn up on the Sundance Channel, the Independent Film Channel, or at a local festival. If you remember the name, check it out. It’s a fun little ride.
Contact Info:
Good Fight Films
1930 Ocean Avenue, Suite 103
Santa Monica, CA 90405
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