Charles Band’s Halloween Horror Road Show

| November 12, 2008

If you’ve ever had a “Bad Movie Night” with friends where you get a case of beer, order a pizza, and pick up that one movie with the hilarious title or funny looking cover you’ve seen a million times, but were afraid to touch, then you’ve probably seen a Charles Band film. His cheesy horror movies range from the strange to the strange with puppets, including such cult classics as Puppet Master, Gingerdead Man and Subspecies. Also a sport about his art form, Band is always willing to allow the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew riff his films, as Laserblast and Robot Holocost.
Charles Band’s Halloween Horror Road Show is just like one of his films only played out on stage. Band himself is the host and brings on a barrage of scary puppets, bloody film clips, and yes, hot chicks. In my opinion, the most entertaining part of the entire show was just listening to the behind the scenes stories, (mostly involving Gary Busey of Gingerdead Man. There is a variety of fun to be had including an auction and merchandise sold on site as well as improv and half naked girls. (I mean, the show does take place in a bar.)
All in all Charles Band puts on one hell of a show and he’s a fan of his fans so chatting with him after the show is a great idea if you want an autograph, con him into directing your stinker of a script, relationship advice, or to generally praise his awesomeness. You all may have missed this year’s road show, but I have a feeling this will become an annual thing. Watch out next Halloween for Charles Band’s Halloween Horror Road Show to stop at an abandoned theater or old run down club near you!

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