Posted: 12/05/2009


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas

by David A. Holcombe

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas starts off as any other IASIP episode would: in Paddy’s pub, with the gang scheming up ways to outdo themselves. This time, we find Charlie and Mac wearing their favorite seasonal sweaters (or cut-off tee in the case of the latter) and hanging wreaths about the bar while listening to carols on the jukebox. As they do every year, tonight they will get drunk on eggnog, and wake up Christmas morning in time to throw rocks at trains. Dennis and Dee enter with scrooge-like energy, rip the jukebox out of the wall and declare that Christmas has always been a source of pain and embarrassment for them. Not this year, vows the gang. They each set off to rediscover a more idyllic Christmas experience.

Directed by the multi-talented Fred Savage, IASIP: AVSC takes a little longer to find its pace than a typical television episode would, but the wait is well worth it. While Dennis and Dee try to convince Frank’s betrayed ex-business partner to help them teach Frank a lesson that he will never forget, Charlie and Mac revisit their respective family holiday traditions, although we soon find out that the reality is not quite the memories of sugar plums that are dancing in their heads. Add a volatile mix of liquor, felony, temporary insanity, disturbing home videos, an industrial strength snow machine and a greased up naked Frank tearing his way out of a sofa during an office Christmas party, and both quests quickly devolve into disaster

Full of back stabbing, hysteria, and public outbursts, IASIP: AVSC offers what you have come to expect and love about the series: they take every joke as far as they possibly can, then a little further. The chemistry between stars Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito is sharper than ever.

With a runtime of 43 minutes and some interesting making-of featurettes and deleted scenes of young Mac and Charlie, this DVD is an excellent stocking stuffer that will not leave your 30 year old, live at home, at-risk alcoholic best friend dissapointed!

David A. Holcombe s a dedicated actor, fierce existentialist, intrepid traveler and a veritable homo universalis. He is currently using Chicago as a base of operations.

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