Posted: 03/16/2010


Greek Chapter Four


by Laura Tucker

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What struck me the most watching this latest season of Greek out on DVD is watching the progress in personalities, especially as we see them mature. This group who seemed like just kids a few years back are now seeming more and more like young adults.

If you missed some of the previous season, or even all of the previous season, don’t worry, as you’ll get a quick recap. But I don’t mean a few sentences, I mean a recap. It seems like they cover every episode of the previous season, but you have to really listen, as it goes fast. It reminded me of that guy that used to do the Federal Express commercials.

When we finally do start out, Casey (Spencer Grammer) is on her way back from her summer job in Washington, with Max (Michael Rady) picking her up. She talks about how great it was, but you can tell she’s hiding something. As it turns out, Max is hiding something as well. He received a full scholarship to grad school, but decided to stay behind at Cyprus-Rhodes University, just for Casey. What she’s not sharing with anyone is that she found she was woefully prepared for her summer internship, figuring she spent too much time being the perfect sorority girl.

Casey wants to leave the Zeta Beta Zeta house and get her own apartment on campus, but finds it hard to tell the rest of the sorority, especially best friend and sorority sister Ashleigh (Amber Stevens). The ZBZ is going through so much, with Frannie (Tiffany Dupont) recently defecting to begin her new sorority, Iota Kappa Iota. Also joining her at IKI is Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) and many others who were previously ZBZ. In the fight over pledges, neither house is ready to just lay down, as both do an equal share of warfare.

Rusty (Jacob Zachar), Casey’s brother, only wants to study, but finds it really hard with the lack of seriousness of his frat house, Kappa Tau Gamma. The president of the Kappa Taus, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), informs Rusty that he’ll now be sharing his small private room he’d looked so forward to; they’re turning it into a quad. Because of their partying ways their at the frat house, when Rusty wants to work, they’re taking naps, and when he wants to sleep, they’re partying. He seeks refuge in a shed outside, and finds his buddy Dale (Clark Duke) looking for a place to stay as well, although still anti-fraternity.

Casey comes up with a great plan to solve everyone’s problems. She sets up Rusty and Dale in the apartment she signed a lease on and moves back to the ZBZ. It works out really well for Dale who soon finds a potential new suitor in the landlady, Sheila (Kristen O’Meara), which definitely threatens his vow of purity. Rusty keeps being pulled back to Kappa Tau, however, as he really likes this new freshman, Andy (Jesse McCartney), a friend of Calvin’s (Paul James). Rusty wants to make sure Andy pledges Kappa Tau and not Omega Chi, but it’s like a constant pull for him. He has a great new friendship starting with his frat brother, Andy, but Rusty’s burgeoning relationship with Andy’s girlfriend, Jordan (Johanna Braddy), threatens everything, including his GPA.

Leave it to ABC Family to figure out a way to show the natural progress of maturity in young adults, and have it be through fraternities and sororities at a university, but not through debauchery. Sure, they have parties, a lot of parties, there on Greek, but the through it all, we can see that maturing of the characters, even in Cappie, who while he seems destined to never take his life seriously and party throughout the rest of college, he begins to make some changes as well in his relationships. All kids go through this, even ones who don’t go to college, making Greek a slice of young adulthood.

Greek is out now on DVD with all twelve episodes on three-disc set, which also includes bonus features such as bloopers, a behind-the-scenes of the filming of the final episode of the season, and a music video by Jesse McCartney.

Laura Tucker is the webmaster of Reality Shack and its accompanying Reality Shack Blog, provides reviews at Viewpoints, and provides entertainment news pieces at Gather. She is also an Instructor and 2nd dan black belt in tae kwon do with South Elgin Martial Arts. Laura can be reached at

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