Posted: 06/14/2010


Doc Martin Series 3

by Del Harvey

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England’s answer to House, M.D. is just as captivating for all his less-than-charming ways but much more humorous and, somehow, more personable.

Doctor Martin Ellingham, aka Doc Martin, is decidedly a fish out of water as the practicing G.P. in the Cornish seaside village of Port Wenn. Formerly a top surgeon at London’s most esteemed medical establishment, one day the good doc realized that the mass of veins and muscle and tissue he was working on was a woman, and a mother, and someone’s daughter. He became very ill and from that moment on had an adversity to blood.

With few career options, becoming general practitioner for an isolated community seemed the perfect out, especially since his favorite old aunt lives on her farm there. But there is no escaping his fear of blood - and his great dislike for human interaction - so Doc Martin spends his days diagnosing the very populace he does his best to keep at arm’s length. Somehow he manages to rub off on them, as well as they on him. One moreso than the rest, as he is obviously smitten on site by the lovely if dizzy school teacher Louisa Glasson. The really odd thing is that she seems just as taken with the large-eared, blunt speaking doc.

In Series 3, actor Martin Clunes shines as the title character in this award-winning comic drama set amid eccentric townsfolk and spectacular scenery. The program is one of Britain’s most popular, with 9 million viewers and a fifth series commissioned. Clunes’ Doc Martin is a brilliant, dedicated and highly efficient medical man. In fact, it’s about the only thing he seems to care about in life. He is also extremely eccentric and sometimes downright insulting. His relationship with the beautiful Louisa (Carolin Catz) seems all but extinguished. His beloved aunt Joan is aging and her farm is not doing well. The town’s new constable has narcolepsy. His receptionist, Pauline, is bored and wants to feel appreciated. And he is being pursued by a hypochondriac hotelier, much to Louisa’s dismay.

Series 3 includes the episodes Tick Tock, The Morning After, Love Thy Neighbor, The GP Always Rings Twice, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, The Two Of Us, and In Sickness And In Health. Doc Martin debuted in the U.K. in 2004 and won the Best TV Comedy Drama at the British Comedy Awards that year.

The 2 volume boxed set was released on February 2, 2010. For more information on this title, click here.

Doc Martin is a wonderfully charming series and they type of show they don’t make often enough. Do take the time to catch up with the good doc as soon as you can.

Del Harvey is the founder of Film Monthly, a film teacher, a writer and a film critic in Chicago.

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