The Witches Hammer

| January 19, 2010

The return of the British vampire movie! Or so says the box breathlessly. I confess that British cinema can be downright entertaining–I’ve seen enough BBC America to have at least some understanding on that point, So I confess further that I was definitely interested in The Witches Hammer when I got a copy from MTI.
The Witches Hammer posits an unexpected vampire who is trained by a coven of witches to go forth and kill herself a whole slew of vampires. No glitter, no whining and no stupid teenage girls here, folks, just a whole lot of bloodsuckers getting blasted. But the plot our vampire vampire killer finds herself neck deep in is a whole lot more complicated than she ever expected.
There are a lot of fantastic sequences here, lots of jumping around that actually makes things a bit scarier for the fact that you only get a brief glimpse of what it is you’re SEEING in those jumps. And there are plenty of nifty asides for those who watch carefully–see if you can catch at least two Star Wars references on the poster at the circus!
And, there will even manage to be a few laughs in all this! About the only thing stopping this from being a full on four star title is the fact that I’m not hugely into vampires. But if you like vampire movies, this one should blow your mind.
The ending will bring some really impressive surprises and twists, so pay a little bit of attention and you’ll be well rewarded.
The special features include a making of featurette, a sound documentary with score featurette, a blooper reel and trailers for The Witches Hammer, Metamorphosis, Lost Treasure of the Maya and Albino Farm.
All in all, this is one seriously impressive vampire action horror comedy movie. Anyone with a bad taste in their mouth from Twilight should definitely check this one out.

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