The Snowman

| May 29, 2011

Of the four Harry Hole books by Nesbo available in the States, The Snowman is the best by far. Fans of this series might wonder how this could be possible after losing so many wonderful characters in previous novels, but Jo Nesbo does a superb job of creating wholly new characters for us to enjoy as well as bringing back a few of the old ones and nudging them further into the light.
The Snowman sees a dramatic change in Hole as he accepts the leadership thrust upon him at the end of the previous book. He still struggles with alcoholism, but his perspective seems to have changed towards it, imperceptibly.
And his nemesis in The Snowman is truly quite the monster, and perhaps the worst one he has had to face of the entire series.
Excellent and tough to put down, The Snowman is everything you might expect from Inspector Harry Hole, and everything you want in a detective thriller.

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