Make Your Movie: What You Need to Know About the Business and Politics of Filmmaking

| April 30, 2012

Barbara Freedman Doyle’s Make Your Movie: What You Need to Know About the Business and Politics of Filmmaking is essential reading for a film student or anyone that wishes to make films for a living. No matter what concentration you had in school or what particular field you wish to enter in the film business, Make Your Movie is a treasure trove of information on every aspect of filmmaking. From job descriptions, proper set etiquette to how things work in the industry, Doyle explores all of the facets of filmmaking from the ground up, making this book an invaluable tool and asset for aspiring filmmakers. At over 300 pages, Make Your Movie is the most comprehensive book on the elements that make up the film industry and one of the best reads about the film business I’ve ever read.

In the very beginning of the book, Doyle uses two broad categories that help pave the path on what one should take, the business person and the creative person. Both wish to work in the same industry, but have different methods on how to accomplish their goals. Whether one wishes to be a producer in Hollywood or how one goes about obtaining financing for a film, Doyle recognizes the dilemmas and uses rules and guide lines in order for both types of people to succeed. The attitude and earnest approach that Doyle uses in Make Your Movie shows the serious risks of what it takes to be in the filmmaking industry. She tells it as it is, with no sugar coating to glaze over, in order to give the reading a realistic view on the industry.

Another great addition in Make Your Movie are actual testimonials from people that are working in the industry currently. They range from producers, agents and marketing managers, that give their first-hand experience on how they got in and became successful people. No two stories are alike and the body of work that they each have are impeccable. Doyle uses these interviews to back up her sage-like advice on the film industry and offer a wealth of perspectives pertaining to different job types in the field.

Regardless if one wants to make it in the industry or not, Make Your Movie is a book that every filmmaker should read. Make Your Movie is bound to help you make a great film, hone your skill set or even get you a job. Focal Press makes some really great text books on filmmaking, but Barbara Doyle’s Make Your Movie like an encyclopedia, enclosed in a small book. Highly Recommended!

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