80Years of the Oscar – Much More Than a Coffee Table Book

| February 16, 2009

80 Years of the Oscar
My Take: Much more than a coffee table book
Who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1983? What is the record number of wins for any actor or actress for an Oscar? What day of the week was the Oscars on in 1952? These are the kinds of questions answered in 80 Years of the Oscar and this type of information only begins to scratch the surface on the level of detail in this collectible book.
The author, Hollywood guru and insider Robert Osborne keenly and carefully reports not only the facts from the Oscar ceremonies but also captures many of the acceptance speeches, anecdotes from the winners and nominees and red carpet fanfare accompanied by descriptive photos. Interestingly enough, he also provides the reader with some insights to the Academy and the changes it’s experienced over the years.
This colorful hard cover, 440 page book will impress if displayed on a coffee table, but it is so much more than decor and a must have for anyone that is not only curious about the Oscars, but also interested in the many trends of Hollywood and the movies. Although the historical view of the Oscars is the centerpiece of the book, Osborne showcases the progression of movies and actors from a production, fashion and talent perspective.
Osborne’s level of detail is so deep, it will make your head spin thinking about the incredible amount of research he provided to paint an intimate historical picture and with this effort, the readers just might feel like they’re walking the red carpet and celebrating with their favorite stars.
80 Years of Oscar is a must have for Oscar and Hollywood historical buffs and is available now, making a great gift for your Oscar party host!
About the book: Abbeville Press, Hardcover, 440 pages, 755 illustrations

About the Author:
Robert Osborne is a columnist and critic for The Hollywood Reporter, one of Hollywood’s most important daily papers, and prime-time host and anchor of the Turner Classic Movies Cable television network. He has written a dozen books on the film world, many of them focused on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is also a frequent host of the Academy’s in-person tributes in Beverly Hills and New York.

About the Author:

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