Posted: 04/26/2010


Sean Connery gets animated for “Sir Billi”

by Del Harvey

Exclusive: “Sir Billi” is Scotland’s first animated feature and Sir Sean’s first starring animated film role.

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Sir Sean Connery has reunited with the classic Aston Martin DB5, but not in the film you’d expect. With the next Bond movie on hold, it’s good to know that the original Bond, Sir Sean Connery, will be back on the big screen with a new film that teams him up once again with his beloved Aston Martin.

The movie is “Sir Billi,” Scotland’s first animated feature and Sir Sean’s first starring animated film role (currently in post-production). Sir Sean offers his voice for the lead character, Sir Billi, a retired veterinarian whose motto is “license to heal.”

When tragedy strikes in the Highlands, there can be only one man for the job - Sir William Sedgewick, aka Sir Billi (Sir Sean Connery)!

This is an adventure story about an inimitable Highland hero - a grandpa. As active senior skateboarding veterinarian he goes above and beyond the call of duty fighting villainous policemen and powerful lairds in a battle to save an illegal fugitive - Bessie Boo the beaver!

A roller coaster adventure, Sir Billi braves treacherous ravines and hazardous gullies with his sidekick Gordon the Goat (Alan Cumming) to save Bessie Boo and Wee Dave the rabbit as they hurtle down a perilous river.

A heart-warming & hilarious action packed family movie, where thrilling car chases, heroic skydiving and daring stunts from this octogenarian spurred on by encounters with a hostile submarine, will keep you at the edge of your seat!

“As a retired veterinarian, he drives a rusty old Landover about the highlands, but when duty calls, he turns to the family classic - the Aston Martin DB5,” said Director Sascha Hartmann.

It has been 45 years since Sir Sean Connery drove the legendary silver roadster as James Bond in two 007 films; Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965). Now he’s tearing up the road again, this time racing around the fictional village of Catterness, located in the northwest Highlands of Scotland.

“Sir Billi” is being produced by Glasgow Animation and is currently in discussions with U.S. distributors. “It was only right that in Scotland’s first animated feature film featuring our other icon, Sir Sean Connery himself, that we went for a British classic,” further commented Hartmann. Billi Productions Ltd is an independent film company, based in Glasgow, Scotland that was set up by husband and wife producing team Sascha and Tessa Hartmann in 2006 to produce Scotland’s first full length animated feature film.

What started life as a short film concept in 2006 had progressed into a full length feature starring one of the most legendary voices in Hollywood, iconic Scot, Sir Sean Connery who joined the producers as a business partner in this exciting venture.

Connery will be reunited with more than an Aston Martin in this movie. The theme song for the film has been sung by Dame Shirley Bassey, the same woman who sang Bond tunes for Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever (the last film the two appeared in together).

Scotland’s first full length animated feature also showcases the voice acting talents of Miriam Margolyes (“Harry Potter,” “Romeo & Juliet”), Alex Norton (“Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Taggart”), Ford Kiernan (“Chewin’ the Fat,” “The Last Great Wilderness”), Barbara Rafferty (“The Wicker Man,” “River City”), Greg Hemphill (“Still Game,” “Chewin the Fat”), Kieron Elliot (“How to Train Your Dragon”), Ruby Wax, John Amabile, Larry Sullivan, Chris Jai Alex and NYC night queen Amy Sacco.

To see a “sneak peek” still from the film of Sir Billi with his beloved Aston Martin, click here.

Del Harvey is the founder of Film Monthly, a film teacher, a writer and a film critic in Chicago.

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