Posted: 10/23/2008


Charles Band’s Full Moon Halloween Horror Road Show – Preview


by Lauren Sepanski

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It’s the time of year when leaves change color and fall to the ground no matter if you’re in Boston or California. It’s the time of year when a light jacket is required and somehow the air smells just a little like apples and cinnamon. With these comforting feelings of autumn also comes thoughts of Halloween. Suddenly the rustling in the bushes makes you think Michael Myers is silently stalking you and you have trouble falling asleep for fears of coming across Freddy and never waking up.

Odds are if you’re a fan of horror films you’ve seen at least one of Charles Band’s well over 200 cheesy films. They range from the kind with puppets to the kind with Gary Busey, but all of them have a certain style and all of them are great movies for when you have a pile of buddies staying in for the night with pizza and a case of beer.

Charles Band has a mind for gruesome, raunchy, bloody fright-fests, which is why he is excited to return for a second year with his “Full Moon Halloween Horror Road Show.” The show has been touring to select cities around the country since late September and will end up in Los Angeles Thursday, October 30th. This isn’t just a screening, but more of an experience. Last year’s event included surprise guest appearances, contests, original puppet and doll auctions, deleted Full Moon film scenes, and the chance to win a part to be killed in a Full Moon feature.

Band loves his fans and promises to be on hand after the show for autographs and adds, “I’ll (Charles) will be unveiling some awesome new merchandise, some of which will be for sale in limited quantity, introducing celebrity guests in each city, presenting our cast of spooky characters and half-naked chicks and much, much more. But you’ll have to come and see for yourself!” This is L.A.; I can only pray the celebrity guest is Corey Feldman.

Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

Lauren Sepanski is a writer and film critic living in Hollywood.

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