Posted: 03/27/2002


The First Annual Film Monthly Awards

by Film Monthly Staff

Our first awards for our writers’ works. We’re a narcissistic bunch, but we’re happy.

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Film Monthly has been around since 1999. We’ve had a number of very good writers with us since that time. This year we decided to award those writers whose reviews, articles, and other works for the year 2001 were the most exceptional. The selections were made by myself and my Editor, Jon Bastian. The final judging was done by Jon and I, with four of our core staff: Parama Chaudhury, Michael Julianelle, Joe Steiff, and Hank Yuloff. The following are the results of those votes.

Best Film Review of 2001

The Nominees:

  • Apocalypse Now Redux, Jon Bastian
  • Baise Moi, Parama Chaudhury
  • Ghost World, Coco Delgado
  • Legally Blonde, Robyn Bradley
  • Sexy Beast, Mike Julianelle
  • Bully, Wayne Case
  • Kung Pow!: Enter the Fist, D. Patrick Seitz
And the winner…Coco Delgado for Ghost World

Best Rant of 2001

The Nominees:

  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Hank Yuloff
  • Get Retch Quick, Mike Julianelle
  • Tobacco Load, Mike Julianelle
  • Reality Bites, Chris Wood
  • Oscar Wrap 2001, Jon Bastian
And the winner…Hank Yuloff for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Best TV Review of 2001

The Nominees:

  • James Dean, Joe Steiff
  • The Sopranos, Del Harvey
  • Queer as Folk, Jon Bastian
  • Buffy Rocks, C.E. Pelc
  • Monday Night Mayhem, Chris Wood
And the winner…Del Harvey for The Sopranos

Best Genre Review of 2001

The Nominees:

  • Crime Wave, Alan K. Rode
  • The General, Cops, Playhouse, Jon Bastian
  • Detour, Robert Weston
  • Lon Chaney: The Man of a Thousand Faces, Charlie Lustman
  • 13 Ghosts, Hank Yuloff
  • Shadow of the Vampire, Jon Bastian
And the winner…Robert Weston for Detour

Best New Critic of the Year 2001

The Nominees:

  • Paul Fischer
  • Hope Villanueva
  • Chris Wood
And the winner…Paul Fischer

Best Article or Column of 2001

  • Wayne Case, September 2001
  • Clutch the Pearl Harbor, Casey Penfield
  • A.I. in Depth, Jon Bastian
  • 26th Toronto Film Fest, Paul Fischer
And the winner…Jon Bastian for
A.I. in Depth

Film Monthly Staff are a hard-working bunch.

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