Posted: 01/19/2001


My 10 Best and Worst of 2000

by Hank Yuloff

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Here are the best and the worst of 2000. My opinions, you understand. And you’re entitled to it. My lists are not filled with much of that “artistic drivel.” You can leave those films for the intellectually elite. I go to movies to be entertained: to laugh, to cry, to be scared…not to be talked to death. So here are the ones you will see me watch over and over when they come up on the satellite:

Top 5+1 Action Films of 2000

Charlies Angels—Kick ass chicks. Great photography. The story even held together.

Traffic: Thrilling, stylish, sexy. I think that with a darker ending, this would have been an Oscar contender.

Space Cowboys—Fun movie… I wish I hadn’t figured out the kicker too early, though.

Gladiator—The first half hour is probably the best of the year.

M:I:2—So much better than the first one. Great chase scenes. Hot leading lady.

Remember the Titans—Most folk forgot about this one. Excellent telling of a true story.

Honorable Mention

Gone in 60 Seconds—Am I the only reviewer on this site who liked this movie? Get some gonads, folks, this was a fun romp.

Vertical Limit—Cinematography makes this one worth seeing: If you can find it on the big screen.

Top 5 Comedy

State & Main—One of the top 5 of the year for me. I laughed constantly.

Meet the Parents—I laughed. A lot. DiNiro is great, Stiller wonderful.

Coyote Ugly—Comedy? Yeah—if you take out the “Chick Stuff” and can enjoy the women.

Miss Congeniality—So much better than expected. Michael Caine pulls it all together. A GREAT rental.

What Women Want—Gibson gets “the power” all guys wish they could have…and doesn’t waste it.

Honorable Mention:

High Fidelity—Just for Jack Black

The Family Man—Weakest of the list, but very fun.

The First 5 Minutes of Bring It On—If only the rest of the movie had been this good…

Top 5 Drama

Almost Famous—Kate Hudson is the woman that every adolescent guy wishes he could have in his life.

Autumn in New York—Ryder was magic.

The Patriot—Oh, so it’s Braveheart in the American Colonies. Still an entertaining flick.

Finding Forrester—This one stayed with me.

Thirteen Days—Great drama, even though we know the ending going it!

Honorable Mention:

Men of Honor—Gooding is becoming what DeNiro already is—a great leading man.

Cast Away—Hunt could have made this film better. Last 5 minutes needed to be 10.

28 Days—Not as deep as it could have been, but you still come out of the movie feeling like you’ve been on a bender..

Al Gore’s Concession Speech.

Bottom Feeders

South of Heaven, West of Hell—The worst movie of the year. It was UNDER acted. Not enough emotion. Wrong director. It left too much to the imagination. But that’s what I get when I go to one of those artsy fartsy pictures.

Me, Myself & Irene—I have no idea how I sat through this one. Carey CAN go too far. Maybe this sucked because the bad guy was named Hank.

Hollow Man—What a waste of a great idea. Six degrees of a bad performance, Kevin Bacon.

Lost Souls—The last 15 minutes of this movie brought the whole thing into the toilet.

Dungeons & Dragons—Even with special effects, this was BOOOOOOORING. How do you spell o-v-e-r-a-c-t-i-n-g?

Last 115 minutes of Bring It On—Writers did their best work in the first 5 minutes and then phoned in the rest.

Dracula 2000—Hate to do this to a writer that I know, but gosh this sucked. When I find myself talking to the screen saying things like: “Hey turn around, Dummy,” and, “Why don’t you get someone out of the cockpit to help you?” I know that popcorn and diet coke aren’t enough to save it.

Blair Witch 2—Didn’t see this. But if you read my top/bottom from last year, this had to be horrible.

Battlefield Earth—I have no idea how this movie ends. It was the ONLY movie I walked out on this year.

Unbreakable—Maybe I expected too much but it just didn’t live up to the hype or the premise. How is it that Sam Jackson hoped to find the unbreakable one in such random acts of human catastrophe?

Honorable Mention:

The Grinch—What is this doing here? I was disappointed. I expected so much more from Ron Howard. If I hadn’t, this one would have just been ignored on my lists.

Top Movies I Haven’t Seen Yet:

My judgement may be skewed because, as of this writing, I have not seen these films: O Brother Where Art Thou?, Quills, Billy Elliot, Best In Show, Nurse Betty, House of Mirth, Kippur, Croupier, The Contender.

Hank Yuloff is an entertainment industry entrepreneur in Los Angeles.

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