Posted: 01/15/2003


Laura’s Film Guide, 2002

by Laura Abraham

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When the higher ups at Film Monthly contacted me to say they needed a top 10 list for 2002, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Someone wanted to know what I liked at the theater! I was going to look back through the year and pick some great things. Tons of people, and I mean TONS, were going to read my picks and see me for the film buff I am. Then? I realized I hated most of the films I saw in 2002. They sucked. 2002 was the dirty diaper of years, in terms of film. I pulled together my list, as best I could. I offer it to you now:
Sex y Lucia—super cool. Super circular. Super interesting. Super sexy.

Y Tu Mama Tambien—Hot, hot hot. Saw it four times

Powerpuff Girls—They came to save the world, or at least cinema in 2002

Bowling for Columbine—Damn, we love some guns in this country.

8 Mile—Detroit ain’t cool, gangsta, or hip. We are just poor and cold.

Frida—Loved this more than I can say. Of course, it needed to be in Spanish. Duh.

Undercover Brother—heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The Importance of Being Earnest—witty dialogue.

Fast Runner—made me cold just watching it.

Bartleby—You would like a description, however, I would prefer not to.

There you have it. If the year had been better I would have written more. As it is, this is all anyone deserves because, frankly, the year in film sucked my big toe. Or better yet, sucked my husband’s bacteria-infected toe. Filmmakers? Get some decent writers and try again next year. Until then, I’m at the beach.

Laura Abraham is a freelance living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is about 20 minutes outside Detroit.

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