Posted: 01/09/2000


Kate Bishop’s “Best and Worst” of the ’90s

by Kate Bishop

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Ten Best Films Of The 90’s

1. Life is Beautiful

2. The Usual Suspects

3. Boy’s Don’t Cry

4. Shakespeare In Love

5. Magnolia

6. Eyes Wide Shut

7. American Beauty

8. Being John Malkovich

9. If These Walls Could Talk 1 and 2

10. The Matrix

Ten Worst Films Of The 90’s

1. American Pie

2. Anything with Steven Seagal

3. The Postman

4. Dazed and Confused

5. Wild Wild West

6. The Pillowbook

7. 8mm

8. Vanished

9. Ravenous

10. Titanic

Kate Bishop is a graphic artist and writer in Atlanta, GA.

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