Posted: 01/10/2002


Janet’s Best and Worst Films of 2001

by Janet Branagan

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Well, I STILL don’t feel I’ve seen enough of 2001’s movies to accurately say what was the best, but I’m inclined to tell you what was the best of what I did see. The worst I have no problem with.

Best (No order):

1. Bridget Jones’s Diary

2. Legally Blonde

3. The Gift

4. Finding Forrester

5. Serendipity

Worst (No order):

1. Pootie Tang

2. Corky Romano*

3. Josie and the Pussycats

4. Freddy Got Fingered

5. Joe Dirt

*Note, I didn’t “see” my 2nd worst choice but I believe it is safe to choose anything starring Chris Kattan.

Janet Branagan is a freelance writer and pop culture archivist working on her East Coast tan.

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