Posted: 02/01/2004


Fletch’s Top and Bottom of 2003

by Clint Fletcher

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Fletch’s Top Ten

1) The Rundown- The Rock beats some serious ass alongside the clever comedic sidekick in the form of Sean William Scott. Is great enough to single-handedly resurrect the buddy/action flick!

2) Elf- Will Farrell proves he can hold his own with a perfect sense of comedic timing. The only comedy that made me laugh out loud in EVERY single scene.

3) Cold Mountain- A solid drama all the way through, with engaging characters, flawless writing and terrific direction. Zelwegger and Seymour-Hoffman go Oscar chasing. They should catch this time.

4) Something’s Gotta Give- Jack and Diane get it on in this delightful comedy that actually turned out pleasing everyone, instead of just the old farts.

5) Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines- Who would’ve thought someone other than James Cameron could out-do T2? A tight little story with plenty of twists and more than plenty of action.

6) 28 Days Later- I could watch this puppy on mute and it would still be pure candy to the eyes. Scary too…

7) The Last Samurai- Pretty boy Tom Cruise delivers a manageable performance and one kickass action/epic for all Samurai fans and adventure lovers to behold.

8) Mystic River- Sean Penn and Tim Robbins at the top of their game in a quiet, very-well directed film with mucho class from Clint Eastwood (turns out he IS still alive).

9) Stuey- Yours truly makes a total of 5 cameos in this extraordinary take on an otherwise ordinary story. From first time director A.W. Vidmer, this film beat every odd that was placed against it, just like the lead character.

10) Matchstick Men- The best twist ending of the year by far. And Nic Cage is in it too…

Runner’s Up

American Wedding (Stifler rules!)

Equilibrium (most underrated film of 2003)

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (Go Uma go Uma go!)

Old School (will anyone else forget will Farrell’s bare ass anytime soon?)

The School Of Rock (Jack Black finally gets the lead status he deserves)

Fletch’s Bottom Ten

1) House Of 1000 Corpses- If you like cult horror then you’ll dig it… I didn’t dig. REALLY didn’t dig.

2) The Hulk- How bout that ending, folks? Say what? You didn’t understand it either?

3) Paycheck- A complete failure to Woo fans, just another Affleck movie to others.

4) Cabin Fever- See #1.

5) Once Upon A Time In Mexico- No Selma. No action. No plot. No good. Depp can’t save ‘em all.

6) Jeepers Creepers 2- Who the f*** green-lit this?

7) Laura Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life- See the original, you’ll understand.

8) National Security- Martin Lawrence takes the biggest stretch of his career… by playing a cop…

9) Seabiscuit- Everyone else liked it. I didn’t. I want to see a film about people, not a horse.

10) Daredevil- Save Colin Ferrell, this is now at the bottom of the comic book barrel. Affleck! Two-for-two! Waitaminute…GIGLI!! Triple Play!!!

Runner’s Up

In The Cut

The Missing

The Matrix Revolutions

Shanghai Knights

Spy Kids 3-D

Clint Fletcher is an actor and writer who watches films - all films - to learn how to make them better.

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