Posted: 01/10/2002


Film 2001 as Seen by Wayne Case

by Wayne Case

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The Top Ten (Alphabetical)
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
A Beautiful Mind
Bridget Jones’s Diary
Dark Blue World
The Deep End
In The Bedroom
Life As A House
Pearl Harbor
Riding In Cars With Boys

Runners-Up (Alphabetical)

The Anniversary Party
Black Hawk Down
Big Eden
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
Kate & Leopold
Legally Blonde
L. I. E. (Long Island Expressway)
Monster’s Ball
The Royal Tenenbaums

Honorable Mention (Alphabetical)

Angel Eyes
The Business Of Strangers
Come Undone
Gosford Park
Hearts In Atlantis
The Mexican
Rock Star
The Shipping News

Guilty Pleasures (Alphabetical)

American Outlaws
The Forsaken
The Fast And The Furious
Get Over It
Hit And Runway
Joy Ride
A Knight’s Tale
Someone Like You
Sugar And Spice
Texas Rangers

The Worst Films Of 2001
(In three categories: Bad, badder, baddest)

The Bad: (Alphabetical)

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
Domestic Disturbance
From Hell
The Glass House

The Badder: (Alphabetical)

Head Over Heels
Saving Silverman
Scary Movie 2
Soul Survivors
Wet, Hot American Summer

The Baddest: (In order of disrespect)

1. Freddy Got Fingered (From Tom Green, this is quite possibly the worst film ever made.)
2. 3000 Miles To Graceland
3. Tomcats
4. Out Cold
5. Original Sin

But Not For Me (Alphabetical)
I understand others liking these films, but count me out!

The Man Who Wasn’t There—The MOVIE that wasn’t there!

Moulin Rouge—MTV overlay destroys what would have been a good musical. Think: MTV meets a Gilbert & Sullivan extravaganza.

Mulholland Drive—An intriguing set-up that falls apart without adequate explanation or resolution.

Best Actor (Alphabetical)

Russell Crowe—A Beautiful Mind

Kevin Kline—Life As A House

Guy Pearce—Memento

Billy Bob Thornton—Monster’s Ball

Denzel Washington—Training Day

Runners-Up (Alphabetical)

Paul Franklin Dano—L.I.E.

Anthony Hopkins—Hannibal

Anthony Hopkins—Hearts In Atlantis

Hugh Jackman—Kate & Leopold

Ian Mckellen—The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship

Haley Joel Osment—A.I.

Kevin Spacey—The Shipping News

Tom Wilkinson—In The Bedroom

Best Actress (Alphabetical)

Drew Barrymore—Riding In Cars With Boys

Halle Berry—Monster’s Ball

Sissy Spacek—In The Bedroom

Tilda Swinton—The Deep End

Renee Zellweger—Bridget Jones’s Diary

Runners-Up (Alphabetical)

Stockard Channing—The Business Of Strangers

Tara Fitzgerald—Dark Blue World

Nicole Kidman—The Others

Nicole Kidman—Moulin Rouge

Laura Linney—Maze

Julianne Moore—Hannibal

Meg Ryan—Kate & Leopold

Reese Witherspoon—Legally Blonde

Best Supporting Actor (Alpha)

Hayden Christensen—Life As A House

Brian Cox—L.I.E.

Gene Hackman—The Royal Tenenbaums

Jude Law—A.I.

Steve Zahn—Riding In Cars With Boys

Runners-Up (Alpha)

Paul Bettany—A Beautiful Mind

Jim Broadbent—Iris

Colin Firth—Bridget Jones’s Diary

James Gandolfini—The Mexican

Hugh Grant—Bridget Jones’s Diary

Gene Hackman—Heartbreakers

Joe Pantoliano—Memento

Timothy Spall—Rock Star

Best Supporting Actress (Alpha)

Jennifer Connelly—A Beautiful Mind

Cameron Diaz—Vanilla Sky

Kristin Scott Thomas—Life As A House

Maggie Smith—Gosford Park

Marisa Tomei—In The Bedroom

Runners-Up (Alpha)

Jane Adams—The Anniversary Party

Cate Blanchett—Bandits

Kate Winslet—Iris

Best Original Script

Tie: Mark Andrus for Life As A House and Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson for The Royal Tenenbaums

Best Adapted Script

Tie: Helen Fielding for Bridget Jones’s Diary and Jonathan Nolan & Christopher Nolan for Memento

Best Cinematography (Alpha)

Daryn Okada for Texas Rangers

John Schwartzman for Pearl Harbor

Oliver Stapleton for The Shipping News

Vilmos Zsigmond for Life As A House

Best Original Musical Score

1. Life As A House by Mark Isham

2. Riding In Cars With Boys by Hans Zimmer & Heitor Pereira

3. A.I. by John Williams

4. The Shipping News by Christopher Young

5. Pearl Harbor by Hans Zimmer and others

6. The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship by Howard Shore

7. Gosford Park by Patrick Doyle

8. Mulholland Drive by Angelo Badalamerti

Best Original Song (Alpha)

1. “There You’ll Be” from Pearl Harbor

2. “Only Time” from Sweet November

3. “For Always” from A.I.

4. “When You Know” from Serendipity

5. “The Storm is Over” from Hardball

6. “May It Be” from The Lord Of The Rings

Special Awards
The Victor Mature Worst Actor Award: Antonio Banderas in Original Sin

The Michelle Phillips/Cornelia Sharpe/Angel Thompkins Worst Actress Award: Not awarded this year!

The Heaven’s Gate Budget Award: Town & Country

The Otto Preminger “Light Touch” Award: Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes

The Sam Peckinpah “Wretched Excess” Award: A tie between 15 Minutes and 3000 Miles To Graceland

The Sidney Lumet Miscasting Award: Julia Stiles as a ballerina in Save The Last Dance

A Star is Born Break-Thru Award:

Female—Brittany Murphy for Don’t Say A Word, Riding In Cars, Sidewalks Of New York, & Summer Catch

Male: Hugh Jackman for Kate & Leopold, Someone Like You, & Swordfish

Great Expectations Award: Richard Kelly, writer/director of Donnie Darko

The Surgeon General’s Warning Award: A tie between: Keanu Reeves & director Brian Robbins for Hardball and the cast & the directing Coen Brothers for The Man Who Wasn’t There.

The John Hartl Stop-Them-Before-They-Direct-Again Award: Director brothers, the Malloys (Brendan & Emmett) for Out Cold

The Calling-Sydney-Guilaroff-for-Help-Hair-Style Award: Meg Ryan in Kate & Leopold

The What About Bob Most Annoying Award: Vince Vaughn in Made

The Bill Lee (father of Spike Lee) Worst Musical Scoring Award: James Newton Howard for America’s Sweethearts & Pieter Bourke and Bill Brown for Ali

Special Thanks:
1. Bob Clark had no theatrical films released this year. But wait! He has 4 (count um, 4!) scheduled for 2002. One is those is titled UNLEASHED, of all things, and his sequel to Baby Geniuses (1999) is due in a theatre near you far too soon.

2. Peter Hyams limited his contribution this year to only one attempt, The Musketeer. He directed & served as cinematographer on it. Fortunately, he chose to shoot most of it dark enough to hide some obvious deficiencies & flaws. At present, no future releases from Mr. Hyams are threatened, although I’m sure he’ll be back to inflict more pain in the near future.

3. Ed Zwick continues to produce rather than direct. He directed no theatrical releases this year.

4. Charlton Heston limited his theatrical exposure to just one film, Town & Country. His overwrought supporting performance was the best thing about Town & Country. That’ll give you an idea about just how bad the film really is. Be warned that Mr. Heston has been cast as Joseph Menegle, the hated Nazi “angel of death,” in something called Papa Rua Alguem (2002). [NOTE: 1/16/2002 To all of you that pointed it out (one), good ole Chuck did a bit in Tim Burton’s PLANET OF THE APES, also. It was uncredited and, frankly, I missed him. Further, he supplied the voice for one of the characters in the animated feature CATS & DOGS.]

5. James Foley did not direct a theatrical film in 2001 and there is hope for 2002, also. Although he was signed to helm The Farm (2002), “creative differences” caused him to ankle.

Special Requests:
1. To filmmakers, distributors, and trailer vendors: Please limit the amount of information disclosed in trailers. Knowing too much in advance can significantly reduce audience enjoyment.

2. To filmmakers and trailer vendors: Please identify all significant cast members in trailers. Even little known supporting players often have fans.

3. To producers and directors: Please put the major credits at the start, rather than the end, of your films.

4. To producers and directors. At the end of your film, during the closing credits, please include a “curtain call” where each significant cast member is identified. I love to see brief film clips that show the actors in character from earlier in the film with their names etched onto the images.

5. To producers, directors and distribution executives. Please don’t cut your serious films with adult themes just to get PG-13 ratings. I realize that higher boxoffice potential is a seductive incentive, but adults deserve some films made exclusively for mature audiences.

The Ellen Terry Awards:
For That Little Something Special

Ben Affleck—Pearl Harbor
Max Beesley—Glitter & Kill Me Later

Jason Behr—The Shipping News

Paul Bettany—A Knight’s Tale & A Beautiful Mind

Edward Burns—Sidewalks Of New York

Justin Chambers—The Wedding Planner

Billy Crudup—Charlotte Gray

Matthew Davis—Legally Blonde

From Driven: Christian De La Fuente, Kip Pardue, & Til Schweiger

Ben Foster—Get Over It

Troy Garity—Bandits (Related To The Fondas: Mother, Jane; Grandfather, Henry; 1st Cousin Of Bridget & Nephew Of Peter)

Aidan Gillen—The Low Down

Krystof Hadek—Dark Blue World

Josh Hartnett—Black Hawk Down, Blow Dry and Pearl Harbor

Ethan Hawke—Tape And Training Day

Hugh Jackman—Kate & Leopold, Someone Like You, and Swordfish

Billy Kay in L.I.E.

Matt Keeslar—Texas Rangers

Greg Kinnear—Someone Like You

Ashton Kutcher—Texas Rangers

Robert Sean Leonard—Tape And Driven

Matthew Lillard—Summer Catch

James Marsden—Sugar & Spice

Breckin Meyer—Kate & Leopold

Viggo Mortensen—The Lord Of The Rings

Rupert Penry-Jones—Charlotte Gray

Brad Renfro—Bully

Rodrigo Santoro—Behind The Sun

Liev Schreiber—Kate & Leopold

Seann William Scott—American Pie 2

Ian Somerhalter—Life As A House

Stuart Townsend—About Adam

Ondrej Vetchy—Dark Blue World

Paul Walker—Joy Ride and The Fast And The Furious

Fred Weller—The Business Of Strangers

Luke Wilson—Legally Blonde and The Royal Tenenbaums

Owen Wilson—Behind Enemy Lines and The Royal Tenenbaums

Steve Zahn—Joy Ride and Riding In Cars With Boys

Jennifer Anniston—Rock Star
Kate Beckinsale—Pearl Harbor and Serendipity

Jessica Biel—Summer Catch

Selma Blair—Kill Me Later and Legally Blonde

Cate Blanchett—The Shipping News, Charlotte Gray, and The Lord Of The Rings

Jennifer Coolidge—American Pie 2 and Legally Blonde

Laura Dern—I Am Sam

Illeana Douglas—Ghost World

Gina Gershon—Driven

Anjelica Huston—The Royal Tenenbaums

Jennifer Love Hewitt—Heartbreakers

Ashley Judd—Someone Like You

Jena Malone—Life As A House

Anna Massey—Dark Blue World

Ann Miller—Mulholland Drive

Brittany Murphy—Don’t Say A Word, Riding In Cars With Boys, Summer Catch, and Sidewalks Of New York

Gwyneth Paltrow—Shallow Hal and The Royal Tenenbaums

Michelle Pfeiffer—I Am Sam

Molly Shannon—Serendipity

Leelee Sobieski—Joy Ride

Mary Steenburgen—I Am Sam and Life As A House

Julia Stiles—The Business Of Strangers

Uma Thurman—Tape

Marisa Tomei—Someone Like You

Estella Warren—Driven

Emma Watson—Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

Sigourney Weaver—Heartbreakers

Dianne Wiest—I Am Sam

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras—The Wedding Planner

Wayne Case is an entertainment industry executive in Hollywood.

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