Posted: 01/15/2003


Coco’s Best and Worst of 2002

by Coco Delgado

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Top Ten Best Movies of 2002
10) About Schmidt: Rushmore for the geriatric set. This is what happens to the disaffected youth when they grow up…and Nicholson is so brilliantly subtle in this, it’s fun to watch, even if the subject matter isn’t, always.

9) Far From Heaven: Visually, the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. Uses the mythos of a fairy tale and a “once upon a time” that couldn’t happen here and now…could it?

8) Signs: M. Night Shyamalan reminds us that what you don’t see is just as suspenseful as what you do see…and just as scary.

7) Catch Me If You Can: Riveting from start to finish, believable and real…you forget you’re watching “DiCaprio” and “Hanks,” which says a lot about these two men’s acting prowess. And it’s a brilliant screenplay, Spielberg holds the ET-ism to a minimum…and it’s all true!

6) Chicago: It’s glamourous, sexy, original, brilliant and corrupt…and it’s the only movie ever made in which the two top stars’ last names both start with the letter “Z.” The fact that everyone does all their own singing and dancing make it all the more bewitching.

5) Adaptation: Twisted brilliance. Spike Jonez makes fun of everyone and everything in “the business” including himself…and, like Being John Malkovich, the actors and actresses look nothing like they usually do…

4) Two Weeks Notice: Clever writing, chemistry, and a happy ending. My self-indulgence pick.

3) Possession: Two literary academicians search for proof that two dead poets had an affair…and it manages to be riveting, suspenseful and intriguing!

2) Just a Kiss: Reminiscent of Waking Life in its use of animation, but uses it to underscore points, not tell the story. Interesting Sliding Doors look at what happens when you do (or don’t do) one little thing…Well acted by unexpected players…

1) My Big Fat Greek Wedding: What can I say? This was the most fun I’ve had at the movies all year…And I averaged 1.25 movies—in a theatre—per week in 2002.

Top Ten Worst Movies of 2002

10) All or Nothing/Xingfu Shiguang (Happy Times) (tie): Depressing! Movies like this, you walk out of the theatre and just hope a bus hits you…I’m sure they’re wonderful and meaningful…but just…so…dreary…

9) Men in Black II: After the first one, I was hoping for so much more.

8) Bourne Identity: Heavy and overdone. Comparing it to Catch Me If You Can only makes it seem worse.

7) Powerpuff Girls: I guess this only works on the small screen.

6) Insomnia: Why do the powers that be think foreign movies need to be remade by Americans? Whatever will they do to Amelie…cast Winona Ryder in the title role?

5) The Sweetest Thing: Great. As if we don’t have enough raunchy comedies…here’s a distaff version.

4) Maid in Manhattan: The Cinderella story, again…proof that all chick flicks are not created equal. Vile and insidious.

3) Serving Sara: Elizabeth Hurley needs a new agent…desperately! A direct-to-video crapfest that somehow made it to the big screen.

2) Blood Work: Just because Clint Eastwood directs and stars in a movie doesn’t mean it’s good. The Maid in Manhattan of thrillers.

1) Reign of Fire: IMDb’s mini-synopsis says it all: “A brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges from the earth and begins setting fire to everything, establishing dominance over the planet.” Ooooooh…I smell an Oscar!

Coco Delgado is a writer who always sits in the front row. For fun she moves to different cities, which have included Montreal, San Francisco and Atlanta. This year it’s Boston..

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