Posted: 01/10/2002


Coco’s 10 Best and Worst of 2001

by Coco Delgado

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Okay, right off the bat, let me just say that my list is totally unorthodox, as far as “Movie Reviews” go. Because I’ m putting movies I liked, regardless of how respected they weren’t, and the movies I didn’t like include some I haven’t seen…often because the way the film was promoted made me all the more determined not to see it.
My reasons are capricious, but my choices are honest…

This was a confusing year. Many sources will tell you that Memento is a top movie of 2001. But IMDb says that it was released in 2000. As was Le Placard (The Closet), which both would have been on my best list had they only been a little younger.

So. My Ten Best Movies of 2001 are…

Ocean’s 11
Soderbergh took a movie I hated and actually made it better. This was entertaining, witty, and…blew the original out of the water. That’s not easy to do, in my opinion, because I love old movies…This movie looked like it was fun to make, and that also just made it fun to watch.

I liked it. I like John Cusack. I like Jeremy Piven. I like watching them together.

Again…terribly clever, amazing to watch…and it made me forget I was surrounded by a bunch of little kids. Hey! And it’s fun to watch on a cross-country flight.

Princess Diaries
I know what you’re thinking. I’m from San Francisco. This was filmed in San Francisco. I thought this thing would suck…and I was surprised by it. Plus, there’s a scene in the Musee Mechanique , near the Cliff House, which is one of my favorite places on the planet.

Streets of New York
A talky chick flick made by a guy. Plus, numerous cameo appearances by the Twin Towers, which I appreciated.

The Man Who Wasn’t There
The most brilliant film noir since Bogart went to Burritt Alley. Even if it was really shot in Southern, not Northern, California.

Happy Accidents
Time travel done well.

Bridget Jones’s Diary
Ghost World
Disconcerting as it is to see my life portrayed by people who’ve never met me…These movies defined my life this year, and so, they are among my Top Three, nevermind my Top Ten.

And my Number One Movie for 2001 is…

What can I say that hasn’t been said? It’s entrancing.

Now for my Ten Worst…There’s no order here as there was for the best. Once you get to a certain point…it’s all bad.

Planet of the Apes
I’ve seen the original. This one should be ashamed of itself. Maybe Soderbergh should have given it a shot.

Angel Eyes
Supposedly takes place in Chicago. Last time I checked, the CN Tower was not in Chicago…

Pearl Harbor
Did not see this. Did not want to, even at the cheap movie place I can walk to. Did someone miss a memo? The idea was to make a movie ABOUT a bombing…

The Wedding Planner
San Francisco done very, very badly. One does not drive from Golden Gate Park to City Hall via the Palace of Fine Arts, especially when one is trying to stop the person they’ve finally realized they love from marrying the wrong person.

Jurassic Park III
The only good thing I can say about this one is…it didn’t have Jeff Goldblum.

America’s Sweethearts
Poor John Cusack. Poor, poor John Cusack.

The Mummy Returns
I was looking forward to this movie. I went opening weekend. I wanted so much to like it…sigh.

3000 Miles to Graceland
This movie was not only predictable, but it was so stupid you weren’t even interested enough to watch the ending and see if you guessed right.

Cats & Dogs
Oh, so this is why Jeff Goldblum wasn’t in Jurassic Park. On the list because of its over-the-top species-ism. Blatant canine propaganda. And only one Siamese in it. Grrrr.

Lord of the Rings
Here’s where I get people pissed off at me. I didn’t see it. I was sick to death of this movie in FEBRUARY! The more it was hyped, the less I wanted to see it. Sorry…but all the excitment killed any interest I might have had. And, that’s bad. Bludgeoning prospective movie goers with hype for a year to the point they don’t even CARE anymore is enough to get on my Ten Worst list…mainly because, I’ll see just about anything, and I have no desire to see this at all.

There are a few movies yet that might make this list, since they’ll come out after I write this: Ali, The Majestic, The Shipping News, A Beautiful Mind, Kate & Leopold (Hey: Time Travel!)…And I want to mention them, at least, even if I don’t yet know what side of the coin they’ll be on.

Happy New Year!

Coco Delgado is a writer who always sits in the front row. For fun she moves to different cities, which have included Montreal, San Francisco and Atlanta. This year it’s Boston..

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