Posted: 01/20/2004



by Film Monthly Staff

Want access to those hard-to-find Asian Cinema DVD’s? This just might be the place!

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Artsmagic makes its foray into the U.S. market with a number of new releases under their Eastern Cult Cinema banner. ArtsMagic is a multi-faceted company operating in a wide variety of multimedia, including sales and rentals, video duplication, production, and much more.

Full Metal Yakuza (aka Full Metal Gokudo) will be the first title that Artsmagic is planning to release in America, in the spring of 2004.

The feature although packed to the brim with funny, cruel and inventive detail will also contain interviews with Director Takeshi Miike, main star Tsuyoshi Ujiki and the editor Shimamuri Yasushi.

Midnight Eye correspondent and author of Agitator (an analysis of Miike works) Tom Mes provides a voice over commentary as an extra feature.

Miike is well known for his ultra violence, but successes such as Fudoh—The New Generation reveal his talent for black comedy Full Metal Yakuza explores this dark surreal comic vein further, whilst somehow remaining an exciting yakuza movie.

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