Posted: 01/21/2006


Anna’s Best & Worst Films of 2005

by Anna Keizer

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Hey folks! My list is short and sweet for two reasons. First, sadly, few films blew me away this year and, second, I hate ragging on the bad ones. Why beat a dead horse, eh? Okay, so off we go!
The Best of the Best

Syriana—This one did blow me away. No matter what your view might be on the Middle East, this one is worth seeing. In contrast to most movies that are dumbed down for a mass audience, this film expects viewers to have a modicum of intelligence. Thank you for realizing that I actually have a brain.
Capote—Philip Seymour Hoffman absolutely deserves the Oscar for his amazing portrayal of Truman Capote in this film. Just flawless.
Murderball—By far, one of the most compelling documentaries that I saw in the past year. An incredible film that shows men who have taken their supposed handicap and turned it into an asset both to win over the ladies and to beat the shit out of other quads. Gotta love it.
Comme Une Image (Look at Me)—Brutal. And beautiful. A film that shows how we really treat people based upon appearances, even if we would never admit to it.
The 40 Year Old Virgin—Freakin’ hilarious.
Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith—I am a huge Star Wars fan. None of the new three can ever compare to the originals, but Lucas definitely saved the best for last with this one.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire—Awww, it was just too cute to see Harry all nervous about the dance. Teen angst brought to a new magical level.

The Worst of the Worst

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—Did anyone else think that Willy Wonka was just a bit too freaky? And honestly, as much as I hate kids, too, he was kind of an asshole.
Kingdom of Heaven—I have a mandate from God to Ridley Scott. Learn to edit down your films.
War of the Worlds—Sorry, but Dakota Fanning is beginning to look just as freaky as Willy Wonka. Hey now, we all went through that awkward phase. I’m just pointing out the obvious. And while I’m on the attack, I could choke on the amount of cheese in this film. The son actually lived? Please… Wow, I guess I do like ragging on the bad ones.
The Cave—A big wet mess. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Anna Keizer is a film critic and writer living in Los Angeles.

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