Posted: 01/15/2003


2002: My Life at the Movies

by John Flores

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1. Igby Goes Down—Amazingly acted, directed, and written! Who knew the Culkin’s had that much talent? Dark, witty, and oh so cynical. I loved this film!

2. About A Boy—Hugh Grant at his best! A very touching story about growing up that added large amounts of laughs. What a comedy should be!

3. Frida—Beautifully shot and very well acted. Salma Hayek was simply stunning at a role that I think most would not have expected.

4. Bowling For Columbine—A very well done doc film with healthy amounts of cynicism and grit that I have loads of respect for.

5. Road To Perdition—Tom Hanks shows amazing versatility in this brilliant coming of age story that sported a cast of Hollywood A-listers.

6. Catch Me If You Can—A very fun movie that had my attention from the jump. Beautiful displays of humanity are scattered throughout this film.

7. Spider-Man—The blockbuster of the summer was probably the best ride I went on all year. A movie that truly lived up to it’s hype.

8. White Oleander—A very disturbing story about growing up and control. Outstanding performance by Michelle Pfeiffer!

9. Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers—Visually fantastic! Two thumbs up to Peter Jackson for another very large job well done.

10. 25th Hour—All I have to say is Spike Lee and Edward Norton. What more does one need?

John Flores is a freelance writer studying film at Columbia College in Chicago.

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