Posted: 01/04/2000


10 Up – 10 Down

by Del Harvey

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The Best

  1. The Source
    Documentaries are much more difficult to make than most people realize. This one, from master documentary filmmaker Chuck Workman, tells a very wonderful story in very simple terms, and holds your attention throughout the entire experience, leaving you yearning for more.
  2. The Limey
    Steven Soderbergh’s superb 90’s noir thriller follows up on his excellent “Out Of Sight” with equal style, substance, form, and excellent acting. He’s taking the thriller to the next level that Tarantino began with Pulp Fiction.
  3. Mystery Men
    Kinka Usher has made the best comic book-to-film crossover since “Blade,” and managed to give it all sorts of hip, fresh comedy and fun at the same time. Can’t wait for the sequel!
  4. Buena Vista Social Club
    Another documentary, from another master, Wim Wenders, and featuring some wonderful Cubano rhythym masters and a smiling, genuflecting Ry Cooder who seems to enjoy these happy sounds as much as the rest of the audience does.
  5. The Green Mile
    In spite of its length, this film captures all the warm, magical, human qualities that make any Stephen King novel really, really good. And the fact that it seems more an ensemble piece than a star vehicle just adds to the whole experience.
  6. Three Kings
    You got your anti-war film, you got your hunks, you got your guns, violence, and explosions, you got a good caper, you got some pretty difficult moral dilemmas, and you got lots of style and a whole lot of fun.
  7. American Beauty
    Black comedy about the New American Society, our failure to make relationships work, and the disillusionment of the American Dream. Does it get any better than this?
  8. The Bone Collector
    Not many good thrillers this year made this one an easy vote for me. When it comes right down to it, this is one of the better suspense films out there.
  9. An Ideal Husband
    Very clever little story of confused relationships and unrequited love that turns out very nicely in the end. Rupert Everett, Cate Blanchett, and Minnie Driver are great fun to watch.
  10. Being John Malkovich
    One of the most original films to come along in a very long time, with some of the funniest moments and most bizarre situations. Spike Jonze ought to be one to watch.

The Worst

  1. Eyes Wide Shut
    This has to have been one of the most magnificent hoaxes ever heaped upon a film studio by a director. They knew it was going to be his last film, he knew it was, and he made a ton out of this turkey. Then their investment sunk right into the deep.
  2. End of Days

    Arnold, you’ve finally made one that’s gone over the edge. For a big ol’ hunk o’meat you weren’t bad, but who on earth told you to act?
  3. For Love Of The Game
    Costner emotes as an over-the-hill ball player. Who cares?
  4. Message In A Bottle
    Costner emotes as a lovelost self-imposed sailor in exile. Who cares?
  5. Bringing Out The Dead
    Mr. Scorsese tries to bring off the second biggest swindle of the year, after Mr. Kubrick.
  6. Stir of Echoes
    Kevin Bacon is better than this. Regis Philbin would be better than this. What were you thinking?
  7. 8mm
    That’s two for Cage; time to take a vacation, Nick. You’re better than this, too.
  8. At First Sight
    Val Kilmer as a blind man given eyes, nursed back to love by Mira Sorvino? Some fantasies are just too damned laughable.
  9. Dogma
    Kevin Smith has done some very inventive films which touch on difficult topics; you can’t always be topical and good.
  10. Inspector Gadget
    The once decent Matthew Broderick has found his new level; flotsam and jetsam. “Godzilla” was 100 times better than this tripe; and “Election” was almost as bad.

Del Harvey is the founder of FM and lives in Chicago. He is a devout Bears fan, for all the right reasons.

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