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Alicia Ayoub has been published by and "Verve" Magazine of Hendersonville, Nc. Her passion for the entertainment industry does not end with the pen. After working as a theatrical stage manager for over a decade, she is trying her hand at film making; having worked for Dreamworks, PBS, and Stormcatcher Films. Currently, Alicia is revising a screenplay in between movie gigs.

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Ghost Machine- Worth the 90 Minutes

Ghost Machine- Worth the 90 Minutes

| December 21, 2009

If you can get past the cheesy title and lose the expectation of a B- rated horror flick, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Ghost Machine is a great melding of horror and sci-fi. Think The Ring meets Strange Days. The creepy factor is high, combined with riveting cinematography, gorgeous opening shots, and decent effects. The ambience […]