Posted: 05/19/2003


O.C.T.B. Case: The Floating Body


by Del Harvey

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A domestic dispute ends with an ex-con killing his sister-in-law in her condo while her husband is away on business. The brother, not believing his continued bad luck, tries to calm himself by having a cigarette, as he decides that his best course of action is to cut her up in his bathtub using a chainsaw. After all, he’s a former convict and the cops would never believe him anyway. In gruesome detail we are shown the awful deed, as he downs a full bottle of whiskey and begins disseminating his sister-in-law. Some days later a fisherman discovers a plastic bag with a headless and legless torso. The police are upset that there aren’t more identifiable parts, and the inspector on the case demands that the foot patrolmen find the woman’s head. When the brother returns home to find the condo empty, he waits a few days before finally calling the police. It doesn’t take long before they add up the missing body parts to equal his wife.

The ex-con brother has returned to the mainland, where he has taken a job working for Mom and Dad. Mom coddles him but Dad thinks she’s wasting her time. The ex-con meets a beautiful young woman and protects her from a couple of back alley hoods. Soon they are sharing her flat and life seems good. Until the floating head of his dead sister-in-law comes along to haunt her killer.

Organized Crime and Triad Bureau Case: The Floating Body, comes off as a rather ghastly drama more than a crime story or horror film. The morality of destiny plays heavily here, which is common for many Asian films. The story is decent enough, although not really of the edge-of-your-seat variety. The acting and camera work and direction are all fine. If you’re looking for fireworks, O.C.T.B. Case: The Floating Body isn’t it. If you’re looking for a dark drama of murder and misunderstanding, then check it out.

Del Harvey is a writer and the founder of Film Monthly, a devout Chicago Bears fan, loves Grant Park in any season, and recently taught screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago.

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