Posted: 07/21/06
Twisted Sisters (2006)
by Del Harvey

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Released by MTI Home Video, Twisted Sisters is a Brit production released straight to video in 2006 from director Wolfgang Büld.

The story – if you’ll pardon the pun – is a twist on De Palma’s early thriller, “Sisters,” wherein there are two twins – one bad and one good.  And, while this film is full of gooey gore and thrills and suspense, it’s a bit on the Brit (aka, “cheap”) side, if you know whut ah mean.  In spite of that, Twisted Sisters is still a fun little horror divertissement made just for you kids who like a hot little number all slathered in blood.

And the hot little number in question is Ms. Fiona Horsey as Jennifer (Fiona Horsey), a seemingly normal young lassie who has a boyfriend named Alan (Andrew Southern), who seems to love her.  Jenn also has a good job and a baby on the way. Then, out of the blue, she’s accused of murdering and castrating a man she supposedly picked up in a bar. Before you can finish scratching your head and saying, “What the --- ???” there are even more mutilated men’s bodies turning up around the town.  And, BAM!, quick as a wink, Jennifer’s parents reveal they adopted her and left her twin, Norah, with her only living relatives.  Then we learn that Norah had a “holiday” in a quaint little mental institution, but now she’s out and coming for Jennifer.

Why is she coming for dear, sweet Jenn?  Aw, who cares?  That’d just take the fun out of it.  I mean, just look at the way she dresses… hubba, hubba!  So, forget all that and stay on point, would ya?

Okay, so we got a hottie playing two versions of herself, one good and one bad, and often dressing the part, which ain’t at all bad.  And we got some silly dialogue from a couple of detectives, but that ain’t their fault.  Then we got some fakey blood and SFX, but what else is new in a Brit horror flick?  Got to remember they call it “Cat’s Up!” over there, eh?  Not quite on the ball, eh?  But we do get a lot of violence, including some rather gory castration scenes, which little Norah seems to enjoy more than a pretty young thing oughta, if you know whut ah mean, eh?

Director Wolfgang Büld (Penetration Angst) delivers in this sick little indie, which really does have some pretty good digital camerawork, colorful lighting, and a soundtrack that is truly “old school.”  But, in this case, it works.

So, look for Twisted Sisters at your local video barn or check it out at Netflix, and sit back and enjoy.  Just keep your hands outta my bucket of corn, you sicko!

Del Harvey is a writer and film teacher living in the Chicago.

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