Posted: 08/10/04

The Hazing (2004)
by Del Harvey

Two reasons to watch this one: Tiffany Shepis and Nectar Rose.  Or, is that four?

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The Hazing combines college rituals with Devil worship and comes up with some standard fare highlighted by humorous turns and a few very attractive ladies.  This film relies on classic horror movie plot devices such as the haunted house, an ancient book with mysterious powers, a mad professor, and a group of horny college kids. The result is above average for contemporary horror films.

The Hazing is about a couple of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters who must go through a unique scavenger hunt in order to get through the "hazing" process. This includes going to a spooky house to spend the night after they've gathered up all their scavenged booty. Added to this mix is a demented professor bent on satisfying the doctrines of the ancient book of evil, and he employs some verses from the ancient book to control several of the students. Gradually working his way through the hapless kids, the professor murders them one by one, until the survivors discover his actions and overcome him. Having a difficult time knowing who the deviant scholar will control at any given moment, the kids aren't sure who to trust, leading to further confusion, mayhem and blood-letting as the film twists and turns to its inevitable conclusion.

Brad Dourif (Chucky, TV's Deadwood) is the demented academic.  In the first 5 minutes of the film he performs a quick and bloody ritual killing of Brooke burke (TV's Wild On... ).  Slim blonde Nectar Rose (Not Another Teen Movie, Legally Blonde) plays a sleazy sorority sister who jumps the bones of any handy boy and wears a white corset and stockings well.  The sensual and sexy Tiffany Shepis is the smarter of the two, but just as much the vixen, and her nude scene is far too short.  The boys include Parry Shen (Better Luck Tomorrow), Jeremy Maxwell (MTV's Undressed), and David Tom (Pleasantville).

The Hazing is available at your local video store.

Del Harvey is a writer and screenwriting teacher living in Chicago.

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