Posted: 03/10/05

The Devil's Rejects
by Gary Schultz

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Finally a film evil enough to satisfy even the most twisted horror fanatic. Rob Zombie brings to us his unofficial sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, his gruesome, 70's style influenced-revenge thriller called The Devil's Rejects. This truly is a cult fans dream. Rob Zombie dares to make a film about villains. This is a film with no good guys to cheer for. What you are left with is finding sympathy for our demented anti-heroes and it's a very strange feeling indeed. Welcome back to the revenge thriller, old school with more blood and breasts than any other theatrically released horror film this year.

We start off with crazy Sheriff Wydell, (William Forsythe) brother of Lieutenant George Wydell who was killed by the Devil's Rejects family in House of a 1000 Corpses as he brings a reign of terror down on the reject's home using a small army of police officers. A massive gunfight ensues and Otis (Bill Mosely) and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) escape. The plan is to meet up with Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) at an old Hotel in Texas to regroup and allow Otis a chance to get his private collection of guns. While meeting at the hotel they take a small family country-western group hostage and proceed to torture and kill them. They meet with Captain Spaulding, the man with the plan and that plan is to get to Charlie's Whorehouse to hide out, which could be the best little Whorehouse in Texas. Charlie played by Dawn of the Dead veteran Ken Foree is Spaulding's brother and a pimp. With Sheriff Wydell hot on their trail and hungry for vengeance the Devil's Rejects have only a small amount of time to escape. Every move counts because they are being held accountable for over 75 murders and the Sheriff isn't looking for justice, he's looking for vengeance.

The Devil's Rejects brings us tons of violence and blood with characters that are so evil they cross the line into super villain evil. Rob Zombie takes us on a journey where we get to know and almost understand the true nature of a crazed family of mass murderers. This is not only a revenge flick but also a look into the psychosis of a crazy family, how they interact and how they ultimately protect and support each other even in killing. Chalked full of freeze frames, slow motion, amazing 70's rock, and at least 3 montage sequences, The Devil's Rejects is an amazing reintroduction to revenge thrillers and the best horror movie I've seen this year. Rob Zombie as a filmmaker has grown a lot since House of a 1000 Corpses. His style in gritty and uncompromisingly blunt. Tired of watered down horror movies? Go see The Devil's Rejects and beware because its going to get harsh.

Here's the BOTTOM LINE:

Rob Zombie is the man and I hope he continues to make films because he isn't afraid to take risks, and he makes the kind of films he wants to see. Hell, the kind of films I want to see. Sherri Moon does show a little butt for the fans. Captain Spaulding is even uglier out of the clown make-up. Yes, that was Terri from 3's Company. You've probably never heard the song "Freebird" used this way. Yes I am biased, Rob Zombie is my hero.

Gary Schultz is a filmmaker from Chicago, IL.

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