Posted: 04/14/05

SubHuman [2005]
by Gary Schultz

Coming soon from MTI Home Video.

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SubHuman is the new release from MTI Home Video hitting your local video store shelf this month. The plot goes something like this according to the back of the box. A young couple is exposed to Martin, a potential madman, who believes that people are being harvested by humanoid parasites that crave human blood. Unless Martin can convince the human race that they are being taken over by killer parasites all may be lost. But can they trust him?

This Canadian horror-thriller from Director Mark Tuit was originally titled Shelf Life, the title was changed for U.S. distribution. The movie was shot on HD and is one of the better looking straight to video films I've seen. The atmosphere is very dark. This will be a fun rental if for nothing else than the full decapitation scene 10 minutes into the movie. Oh, and it's not the only dead head rolling around this movie. There's heads everywhere. You really don't see too many decapitations in straight to video horror these days SubHuman has many.

The main character is this strange homeless, alcoholic, drug addict that nobody takes serious because he escaped form a mental asylum and kills people. Oh, and the fact that he keeps exclaiming insanities about alien parasites taking over the world. When we finally do see a parasite it looks like a ridiculous cartoon. Guess that's why we only see it for a short time.

So here's what we've learned so far...Heads rolling on the floor, cool. Crazy drug addict lead is semi-cool. Monster parasites bursting through people's stomachs...this reminds me of something...what could it be? Oh, yes...the movie Alien and its 4 sequels. Think Aliens without any of the stuff that made it cool, lower the budget to a couple hundred grand and a few extra pre-cast foam latex body parts.

Gary Schultz is a filmmaker from Chicago.

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