Posted: 05/14/04

Miss Torrie Wilson
by Gary Schultz

Exclusive Interview: Torrie Wilson

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It's May 13, 2004.  I am sitting in my office anxiously awaiting a phone call from WWE wrestling Diva Torrie Wilson. I know, I know, sometimes life is good...and what are you doing this afternoon?! Torrie is super hot and super tough. You can see her stomping the crap out of the other WWE Divas on Thursday nights program "Smackdown". All of this and Torrie has found the time to grace the pages of Playboy, twice. Yep this lucky Film Monthly staffer is just that today...damn lucky.

Gary: Hey Torrie, just to let you know it's my complete pleasure to be doing this interview with you.

Torrie: Oh thank you, thank you.

Gary: You have been in the wrestling business formerly with WCW when it was around and with the WWE since 2001. Some people may remember how you came into wrestling but could you summarize for us here at Film Monthly how you came into the wrestling profession and if you went in intending it to be a stepping stone for a career in TV and film?

Torrie: Well I kind of tripped into the wrestling business. I moved to L.A. from Boise, Idaho to pursue a career in acting. I had been out here not very long at all taking acting classes and doing the audition thing when I went to a wrestling show at WCW with an ex-boyfriend who was a big wrestling fan. We got back stage and got to meet some of the wrestlers and Kevin Nash, one of the wrestlers approached me about doing a little storyline with him for a few months. I jumped at the chance. You know it really just snowballed from there. I never really had the intention of going into the wrestling business or even staying in the wrestling business but I kind of fell in love with it. The rush you get from performing in front of thousands of people at a time, well there's no feeling like it. I definitely do want to get back into acting. I'm not quite sure if I would ever leave wrestling but you know I' m in the middle of pursuing some other opportunities as well.

Gary: You are currently on Smackdown right?

Torrie: Yes.

Gary: What's happening in your current storyline?

Torrie: Right now I'm kind of the victim. I've been haunted by this guy Rene Dupree. He's this prince jerk who doesn't like girls. He walks his stupid little poodles to the ring. I had a match with him and he beat me up a little bit. Basically I'm the victim of all his actions.

Gary: But you're going to end up getting him in the end right?

Torrie: I hope so. I definitely hope so. Hopefully I can do something to him to help John Cena win.

Gary: For a long time 've been watching wrestling on and off my entire life and I'm a fan. Most people by now I hope realize that the storylines are written but it is real people performing real stunts.

Torrie: Right!

Gary: Wrestling is a full contact performance that has a rich history. Wrestlers generally have a grueling schedule. How many days a year do you spend on the road?

Torrie: I'd guess it would be close to three hundred days a year I'm on the road. I have a home in Florida and I have an apartment out here in L.A. so I'm out here a lot too. It's really difficult to get back home to Florida. The travel really is difficult. We go overseas to other countries probably eight or nine times a year, because that market is really big. But the thing that bothers me is some people have this thing you know saying that we are not real performers or making cracks on the acting. But I think wrestlers are some of the best performers around. Look at the Rock, he started on a wrestling show and got on Saturday Night live and killed them.

Gary: Yes he did. He was awesome. Have you sustained any injuries during your wrestling career?

Torrie: Actually I haven't had any injuries. I've been lucky. Really it's only been the past couple of years that I have been wrestling. Plus I don't wrestle every night so I've been pretty lucky. I get hurt a lot but not injured. I'm a big baby and kind of girlie. If I break a nail I cry.

Gary: So I guess for being girlie you must come across as pretty tough?

Torrie: I guess. It's hard because most of the girls learn as we go. There's a very small amount of girls that went to a wrestling school. It's kind of like playing catch up.

Gary: What do your regular workouts consist of since you're on the road so much?

Torrie: You know it's really hard. I try to get to the gym every day that I can but realistically it's about four days a week. I do about an hour on cardio and lift for about a half hour.

Gary: What WWE Diva do you share the best relationship with behind the scenes?

Torrie: Definitely Stacy Keibler. She's my roommate out here in L.A. and she's a really good friend of mine. You know I get along with all the other girls but Stacy is probably the girl I get along with the best.

Gary: Are you guys on the road together?

Torrie: No I'm married to a wrestler. Stacy is on Raw and I'm on Smackdown so we only see each other at the rare pay-per-view that crosses over.

Gary: And then it's party time like let's go hang out afterwards.

Torrie: Exactly.

Gary: Who do you think is the next breakout star?

Torrie: Probably John Cena. He's getting a lot of attention and has something different going on with the rapping bit.

Gary: You are married to Billy is that working out?

Torrie: It's great. We have a great time traveling together. We have a great time together. He's a great teacher and has taught me a lot about the business.

Gary: How long have you been married?

Torrie: We've been married since July but we've been together almost five years.

Gary: Billy Kidman has been wrestling for something like ten years. I remember he came in as the 123 Kid and then came into his own name. Is he almost a coach to you about things to-do and not-to-do in the business?

Torrie: Yes, especially outside of the ring and how to carry yourself. He's also taught me a lot in the ring. You know he caught onto wrestling very, very quickly. He really understands pretty much everything about it.

Gary: Want to know something cool?

Torrie: What?

Gary: You and I have the same birthday.

Torrie: Are your serious? How old are you?

Gary: Actually different years. I was born in seventy-eight. But we're both Leo's born on July twenty forth.

Torrie: I kind of feel like I' m a little more of a Cancer than a Leo.

Gary: Right because the astrological sign borders on Leo and Cancer.

Torrie: Right.

Gary: were in Playboy twice.

Torrie: Un-huh.

Gary: On behalf of all men and some women thank you very much for that.

Torrie: (laughs) Oh sure.

Gary: How was your experience with Playboy?

Torrie: I had a great time. I've always been a fan of that magazine. I think the photographers are great artists. I think it's a classy magazine and I was just really excited to have a chance to work with them. I had a wonderful experience and hopefully I'll get to do it again someday.

Gary: I assume you got to meet Hef?

Torrie: I definitely got to meet Hef. He's a very cool guy.

Gary: I don't think I' ve ever heard anyone say anything bad about Hef in an interview.

Torrie: I don't think you could.

Gary: So Torrie do you plan on breaking into any additional television or film work?

Torrie: I definitely do plan on breaking into that. I'm kind of feeling things out right now. I have some things in the works that I have my fingers crossed about.

Gary: I'm an independent filmmaker here in Chicago. Would you ever consider doing independent films?

Torrie: Oh definitely. I think independent films are a great place to start.

Gary: What is something your fans don't know about you but would be surprised to find out?

Torrie: I'm actually pretty shy. As a teenager I was extremely shy and I guess I have broken out of my shell a little bit.

Gary: I would say more than a little. You beat the crap out of people in the ring in front of millions of people.

Torrie: I feel like I'm a different person when I got out into the ring. In smaller groups of people I'm easily intimidated.

Gary: Are you on Smackdown tonight?

Torrie: No I'm not but I am on the pay-per-view this Sunday. I just found out I have a match against Dawn Marie my long time nemesis. I' m excited about it.

Gary: So you're going to kick her ass.

Torrie: I hope so.

Gary: Which Diva have you delivered the best ass-whooping too?

Torrie: I'm going to have to say Dawn Marie. I had a long storyline with her that lasted nine months. On the show she married my real father and I got very invested in that storyline. We had a couple of matches where I think I scared her.

Gary: How did your dad feel about getting in the storyline?

Torrie: Oh man, it made his life. He still talks about it.  Every time I see him he has a different storyline in mind for his comeback.

Gary: Well Torrie thanks for your time and I wish you the best of luck this Sunday.

Torrie: Thank you.

Gary Schultz is an independent filmmaker from Chicago.

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