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Mission Statement

Film Monthly is all about film in all its varieties, including video and that bastard stepchild, television.

And we have included the term 'Popular Culture' because of film's broad influence on other artforms and our culture as a whole. The views expressed in FM are those of the individual, and we support that completely. With one exception: we do not condone hatred or violence against anyone. Fun is fun; hatred is not. We invite you to read our 'zine, tell your friends, and even submit something if you'd like.

Submission Requirements

  1. All text should be submitted by one of the following methods:

    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    • MS Word format
    • Last resort: e-mail (type directly in message, or paste in)

    • Anything else may prevent us from reading your submission.

  2. Preferred length = 1400 words max

    • Equal to1 to 2 pages of single-spaced 10pt - 12pt type.
      Maximum length (if you must, but don't make it a habit) would be 3 pages. Any more than that, and we will edit.

  3. Image - if you have one in mind, send it along with your submittal, or send the URL (link to webpage) so we can grab it and insert it. Otherwise, we'll use whatever we feel is appropriate.

  4. ALWAYS provide a headline (title) to your submittal. Or leave it up to our whimsy.

  5. ALWAYS provide your name as you wish to see it in print. If you don't, you got nothing to complain about.

  6. FM will not censor your work, with one exception:

    • Continued or obvious hatred or negative aggression
      (promoting hatred or violence) against anyone is
      not acceptable. If you need therapy go somewhere else.

  7. Have fun.